A company in delaware is ideal to protect your wealth!

A company in delaware is ideal to protect your wealth!

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides a limited accountability to its members, which is a trait of corporations along with tax transparency, specific for partnerships.

LCC is not a subject to tax responsibility in the United States. Its earnings are one and the same with those of the proprietor.

When a LLC generates revenues outside of the US, and for the tax purposes, the shareholders are not United States residents, this company does not pay any income tax in the USA.

A Limited Liability Company does not have to submit any reports on its members, managers nor board of directors to a state or federal government. The members of the LLC may be natural persons or entities of any country. It is permissible for LLC to have only one member.

Basic package 500 $

Limited Liability Company registration:
Basic package of a simple Limited Liability Company registration. Here you can find all the services necessary to register a Limited Liability Company in Delaware. A company of this package is fully functional, with a complete set of documents and is ready to operate on the market. But, this package does not include an option to open a bank account in Poland. This package is recommended for the United States Residents.

The Package Includes:

  • Limited Liability Company registration
  • Company name availability chec
  • Application submitted on the same day
  • All registration fees
  • Company office address in the state of Delaware
  • Registered Agent services for 12 months
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Formation (the memorandum)
  • Statement Of the Authorized Person
  • EIN number assigned (equivalent of the Polish tax ID number) 
  • Anonymous application
  • Digital copy of your documents. We deliver scans of all the documents by mail

Extended package 1000 $

The Extended Package includes all of the Basic Package offer, plus Apostille de la Hague confirming the documents, Certificate of Good Standing, certified translation of the documents into Polish, opening a bank account at PKOBP or BZWBK (at the selected bank and branch office). This is the ultimate way to incorporate in Delaware. Such company is fully functional and recommended for Non US Residents.

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