Lycamobile - Polish number

Lycamobile - Polish number

Polish American Consulting Business Center is the authorized Dealer of the Lycamobile's products in the United States. Lycamobile is the world’s largest phone company providing low cost international calls. Now it offers the unique service for Polish Americans or customers from Poland traveling to the United States. By combining the package "Polish Number in the USA" with the offer from Lycamobile we have created a product allowing you to call landlines and mobile phones in Poland, at the lowest possible price with signing. What's more, people from Poland can chat with you at will, without worrying about high bills! For the latest offer from Lycamobile please visit:

For people from Poland, traveling to the USA in the near future, we have two prepaid card packages (at a price of $39 / 120zł or $49 / 150zł, depending on the plan), which we happily mail to any location in Poland. This way, immediately upon arrival to the United States, even when still at the airport, you can call anywhere in the States or Poland. All you need to do is to insert the Lycamobile sim card into your phone. Time restrictions apply within minutes of the package purchased.

  • Unlimited calls within the United States
  • Unlimited calls to Poland mobile phones and landlines
  • Unlimited internet service

We know how important it is for you to stay in touch with family and friends in Poland. Unfortunately, the cost of calls may restrict you from sharing all that you would like to over the phone. We know that you are not always by the computer to talk with your loved ones. That is why we offer you the service, which will allow you to always be available for your loved ones at your Polish phone number. All it takes is just 3 minutes to activate the service, and after 24 hours you will be sharing your Polish phone number with your friends. With this feature, callers will pay as for local calls at no cost to you when staying overseas. Enjoy our new service and talk away. Thanks to your Polish number you will feel like you are in Poland.

The service involves redirecting the call from the Polish number to your number in Canada or the United States. This way you will receive phone calls in America on your Polish number. The person who calls you will pay for a call to a landline phone number. Thanks to many promotions from operators you can talk for hours without worrying about costs.

Fill in the form with your American or Canadian phone number and select an area code (Polish area code, the one you would like to have).
Type in the e-mail address, where we can reach you
Click "I authorize and agree.
Within 24 hours we will send you your Polish number.
After receiving the number, you will get a payment form.

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